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Luxor Lifestyle Apartments in Bala Cynwyd epitomize modern living in a serene neighborhood. Offering an array of amenities, these apartments cater to diverse lifestyles, making them an ideal choice for those seeking comfort, style, and convenience Luxor Lifestyle Apartments.


Bala Cynwyd, nestled amidst lush landscapes and tranquility, sets the backdrop for Luxor Lifestyle Apartments. Its strategic location offers residents the perfect blend of peaceful living with easy access to urban amenities.

Luxor Lifestyle Apartments Overview

These apartments boast an impressive array of amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, swimming pool, and communal spaces designed for social gatherings. The meticulously crafted spaces cater to various preferences, from cozy studios to spacious multi-bedroom apartments.

Floor Plans

Luxor Lifestyle Apartments offer a diverse range of floor plans, ensuring residents find their perfect living space. From open-concept designs to sophisticated layouts, each unit is designed to maximize comfort and functionality.

Interior Design

The apartments showcase modern, stylish interiors, featuring high-quality finishes and thoughtful details. With contemporary designs and premium materials, each space exudes elegance and comfort.

Community Life

Residents can engage in a vibrant community life through curated programs and events. From fitness classes to social gatherings, there’s always something to participate in, fostering a sense of belonging and community spirit.

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Nearby Attractions

Living at Luxor Lifestyle Apartments means easy access to local hotspots, including restaurants, entertainment venues, and parks. The neighborhood offers a plethora of options for dining, shopping, and recreation.


Connectivity is seamless from Luxor Lifestyle Apartments, with convenient access to public transportation and major highways. Commuting to nearby cities or exploring the area is hassle-free.


Residents rave about their experiences at Luxor Lifestyle Apartments, praising the exceptional amenities, friendly community, and the convenience of the location. Their testimonials highlight the unparalleled living experience offered by these apartments.

Pricing and Leasing Options

Prospective residents can access comprehensive rental information and leasing processes, ensuring a smooth transition into their new home at Luxor Lifestyle Apartments.



The apartments boast a range of amenities, from state-of-the-art fitness centers to lush communal spaces. Enjoy the convenience of in-unit laundry, modern kitchens, and spacious living areas.

Floor Plans

Luxor Lifestyle Apartments present diverse floor plans tailored to accommodate various lifestyles. Choose from studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom layouts designed for comfort and functionality.


The community spaces foster a sense of belonging among residents. Engage in social events, unwind in the lounge areas, or take a dip in the sparkling pool – Luxor is a community within a community Luxor Lifestyle Apartments.

Neighborhood Attractions

Explore the nearby attractions, from scenic parks to trendy dining spots and cultural hubs. Residents enjoy easy access to entertainment and recreation options just a stone’s throw away.


With seamless connectivity to public transit, commuting becomes hassle-free for Luxor residents. Access to major highways and transportation hubs simplifies travel to and from the city.


Residents praise for their attentive management, well-maintained spaces, and a welcoming community. Their testimonials echo the allure and satisfaction of residing in this upscale haven.

Rental Information

Details about leasing options, rental rates, and flexible lease terms cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a smooth and convenient renting experience.

Pet-Friendly Policies


Safety is a top priority at Luxor. Robust security measures, including surveillance systems and secure access, offer residents peace of mind.

The community’s commitment to sustainability shines through eco-friendly initiatives, promoting a greener and more sustainable lifestyle among residents.

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Bala Cynwyd: A Picturesque Locale

Bala Cynwyd stands as an epitome of natural beauty nestled in Pennsylvania. Its serene landscapes and proximity to urban conveniences make it an ideal location for Luxor Lifestyle Apartments.

Luxor Lifestyle Apartments

Design & Architecture

The apartments boast contemporary architecture designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding beauty, creating an ambiance of elegance and comfort.

Amenities offered

redefine luxury with a suite of amenities, from a state-of-the-art fitness center to relaxing communal spaces, catering to every resident’s needs.

Floor Plans & Customization

Tailored floor plans cater to diverse preferences, offering a range of customizable options that ensure every resident finds their perfect space.


Local Attractions & Facilities Nearby

Bala Cynwyd offers an array of attractions, including parks, dining, and entertainment options, ensuring a fulfilling lifestyle just moments away from home.

Community and Surroundings

The community vibe and the welcoming surroundings create an inclusive atmosphere, fostering a sense of belonging among residents.

Lifestyle at Luxor Apartments

Resident Experiences

Explore firsthand experiences shared by residents, showcasing the unmatched lifestyle and community spirit at .

Events & Activities

Engaging events and activities are curated to enhance the living experience, fostering connections among residents.

Why Luxor Lifestyle Apartments

Unique Selling Points

Discover what sets apart, from its unparalleled amenities to its commitment to resident satisfaction.

Testimonials & Reviews

Real testimonials and reviews highlight the exceptional living experience that offers.

Leasing & Availability

Leasing Options

Various leasing options cater to different needs, offering flexibility to potential residents.

Availability & Waitlist

Check the availability and explore the waitlist options to secure your spot in this coveted community.

Application Process

A streamlined application process ensures a hassle-free transition to your new home at.


  • What amenities are included in the apartments? offer a range of amenities, including a fitness center, swimming pool, communal spaces, and more.
  • Are there different lease options available? Yes, the apartments provide various lease options to suit different needs and preferences.
  • Is parking available for residents? Absolutely, ample parking spaces are available for residents and guests.
  • Are pets allowed in the apartments? Yes, are pet-friendly, ensuring a welcoming environment for furry companions.
  • How can I schedule a tour of the apartments? You can easily schedule a tour by contacting our leasing office.
  • What security features are provided? The apartments prioritize residents’ safety with modern security systems and trained staff.

Luxor Lifestyle Apartments in Bala Cynwyd

Experience an immersive living experience at in Bala Cynwyd. With its luxurious amenities, convenient location, and vibrant community, these apartments redefine modern living.

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Luxor Lifestyle Apartments in Bala Cynwyd offer a blend of luxury, comfort, and community living. Experience the epitome of sophisticated living amidst a serene neighborhood.

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